nuance 30vol peroxide 1ltr

nuance 30vol peroxide 1ltr

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nuance 30vol peroxide 1ltr
oxidizing cream-emulsion 1000ml
hydrogen peroxide
nuance oxidizing cream-emulsion is a perfumed and stabled creamy emulsion thought to be mixed with nuance color cream or other kind of colour. the product creaminess allows an optimal adherence to hair therefore a faithful and stable colour transfer with all its shades.
its formula, enriched with moisturizing and conditioning components, assures a perfect protection of the skin and hair. very good , also, for the mix with powder or creamy bleaching.
only for professional use.
available in activator,10 volume.,20 volume.,30 volume.40 volume.1000ml bottle
use: follow the instruction of the product it has to be mixed with.
warning: it contains peroxide. avoid the contact with the eyes. if the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately. wear plastic gloves. keep out of children’s reach.

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